starting over

starting over

ah, where do I even begin.

Most of you know how the story goes.... I got married young and on my honeymoon in Nicaragua, a rock loving girl picked up over 10 pounds of sea glass and stones from the beach and brought them home. She spent the next few months making jewelry out of these and selling them at local markets. Fast forward a year she's taking this business full time on accident, has a baby boy and is living the life. She sells to over 150 retail stores across the world, has employees, a retail store and an incredibly loyal customer/fan base (ily guys). 

The year of doom arrives (aka 2020) and everything changes. By December 2020 she's alone for the first time in 10 years, being sued for trademark infringement and being called out and called in by her community about social issues. She enters survival mode -- she is creating jewelry to put food on the table and the love and excitement she once had for her art becomes more of a chore. She feels disconnected from her creativity, from her brand and especially from her customers.

Something has to change.

I need to shift. 

I need to shift into a space of alignment and peace. I need to stop pretending to be the girl I was before my life shifted (see what I'm doing here with our new name?!!!). I realize after a few hard years, genuine creativity will only come if I am truly aligned and connected to what I'm selling to you guys.

This change was necessary. It was necessary for my growth. It was necessary to the community of people who don't feel included and respected by our previous name and it was necessary for our customers who deserve the creativity, customer service and care that they got from that girl 10 years ago. 

Thank you endlessly for being here and for shifting with us.